Our candidates

All Candidates must be fully aware of the requirements, prior submitting their application:

You MUST be at least 21 years of age to apply
You MUST have clean criminal record
You MUST hold a valid passport for a minimum of 12 months
You MUST be able to commit to at least an eight month contract
Depending on the Company, you MUST be fluent in English or German You MUST have sufficient education and experience in relevant 4 or 5 star hotel

Life on Board

Working on a cruise ship is an experience that you never forget. However, before you apply, you must understand that most jobs on cruise liners are very difficult and demanding. There are certain advantages and disadvantages which should be considered.


– If you work on a cruise ship, you travel to many attractive destinations and see interesting places. Although you spend most of the time aboard, there are some chances to go ashore and see the sites.

– You meet people from all over the world and may forge some enduring friendships.

– You can earn quite a lot of money. Since you do not have many opportunities to spend the money aboard, you can easily save most of it.

– You get free accommodation and food. Moreover, you don’t have to pay the utility bills.


– It is very difficult to get a job on a cruise liner.

– You will work long hours – 12 or 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Accommodation for the staff is very modest. On newer ships two people share a small cabin, and two cabins share a bathroom. The crew cabins have televisions supplied. Most cabins are situated on one of the lower decks and they do not have windows. You have to give up some of your habits and get used to those of your roommates’.

– You will be at sea in all types of weather. If you suffer from severe sea-sickness, perhaps you should find a job ashore. Light forms of sea-sickness, however, are common amongst experienced seamen.

Other Information:

When you sign the contract with a cruise line company, you will usually pass a course on work safety, first aid and hygiene. You get free medical care in case you get ill on a cruise ship. Your employer – the cruise line – will pay for your health insurance for the period of the contract. This duty is based on the international conventions regarding employment at sea. All crew can use the various leisure facilities provided for them, such as the gym, fitness center, swimming pool, crew bar, crew training center and internet room. Most employees do not socialize with the Guests during their free time. Regular crew members are not allowed to use the facilities for the passengers. Those with such privileges are the Officers, Management and Staff. Fraternizing with the Guests shall result in immediate dismissal! Most cruise ships embark in the USA. You will be required to pay the travel expenses from your home to the port yourself. The employer requires their employees to buy a single way ticket. If you decide to leave before the contract terminates or if you get fired, you will be responsible for the cost of your return. You will be escorted to the airport to make sure you leave the USA and do not stay there illegally.

Why You Want To Work On A Luxury Cruise Ship

How would you like to be able to visit some of the world’s most exotic, beautiful and far-away places that few people will ever get to see?  Including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and USA? Imagine waking up each day in a different, exciting and unique tropical island, the sun shining, the weather hot, the sea crystal clear – and the only decision you have to make is which beach you are going to visit that day! Imagine always having plenty of cash and doing all those exciting things you’ve always wanted to do: jet skiing, jeeping around exotic islands, learning to scuba dive, trekking through rain-forests, whale watching, hiking to waterfalls, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in crystal clear sea, shopping in unique countries or simply relaxing on the best beaches in the world. Imagine having many great friends of all different nationalities from around the world – all living, working, socializing and enjoying amazing life experiences together.

Did you know that YOU COULD DO ALL OF THIS while being paid a great tax-free income for doing it?

Does this all sound like a pipe dream to you? It really isn’t, you know.  This is exactly how thousands of other people are choosing to live their lives right now, as we speak.  This is exactly the life that we have led.  This is exactly the life that YOU too could be living. If you have already thought about getting a job on a luxury cruise liner chances are that you probably already appreciate some of the incredible benefits of working in this unique, exciting and fascinating industry.

But let’s get one thing straight…

Why do YOU want to work onboard a cruise ship? It’s important to be able to answer this apparently simple question, before applying for cruise ship jobs.

Why? …Because unless you have a clear idea for the reason you want to do it and know exactly what you want to achieve, you may apply for the wrong positions, but worst of all you will struggle to find the motivation to follow through with it.  Your efforts will be doomed to failure!

That sounds rather harsh, but think about it for a moment… You are attempting to embark on one of life’s great adventures, your success will largely depend on the impression you give to a potential cruise ship employer and that only comes from knowing your reasons for wanting to do it. So grab a pen and paper and write down your main objective in no more than ONE sentence. We do not want to over-influence your ideas, but here are some of the many reasons why people decide to work onboard a cruise ship:


Cruise ship jobs provide the perfect vehicle from which to visit the most exotic and beautiful destinations on earth.  Often you will travel to places that you would never get to see in your lifetime through ‘conventional’ travel.


Working onboard a cruise ship makes you a VERY interesting and attractive person.  You get instant respect, even recognition.  It is unusual and different and people naturally want to talk to you about it.  “What was it like?”, “Where did you go?”, “I wish I’d have done that” (a VERY common reaction!).  Even potential employers are INTRIGUED when they see on your resume that you.


The potential to save a lot of money is fantastic! You are being paid a great income (tax free) and you have ZERO expenses – no board to pay, no food to buy and no bills to settle each month.  Every cent you earn goes into YOUR pocket and no one else’s.  You are free to do whatever you like with that money, whether its save for a deposit on a house or a new car.  Or blow the lot on amazing life experiences in exotic ports of call! The choice is yours.


With up to 1500 crew members onboard each ship you WILL meet and make many great friends (even partners).  And with 70+ different nationalities working onboard, you will often find that your closest friends are from exotic faraway places too!


Never forget, a cruise ship job does not have to be a ‘one-off’ opportunity.  A whole new glittering career awaits you – if you want it.  Opportunities to develop your career are massive and cruise lines almost always promote from ‘within’.


Isn’t that what life is all about?  And “fun” comes with a capital “F” when you work on a cruise ship! As we have mentioned above… there are many other GREAT reasons to work on a cruise ship, so do not be over-influenced by our list.  But do grab a pen and get your reasons down on paper.